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Microsoft said on Monday that Iranian state-sponsored hackers are currently exploiting the Zerologon vulnerability in real-world hacking campaigns


Successful attacks would allow hackers to take over servers known as domain controllers (DC) that are the centerpieces of most enterprise networks and enable


intruders to gain full control over their targets



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A rootkit is a collection of malicious programs that allows a cracker access to your computer with administrative rights, typical rootkits consist of spyware and trojans that monitor your computer traffic and log keystrokes, sophisticated rootkits can alter log files, erasing traces, combined with other malware, rootkits have the ability to attack other computers in the same network and the Internet Rootkits can hide inside the operating system kernel, a bridge that is used to process data in between software applications and computer hardware, being very hard to remove using conventional antivirus software, the best way to prevent rootkits is to run an updated antivirus and good firewall to prevent them from installing in the first    place